I think after a year, it’s time to get this bad boy updated!

For those of you that are new to my blog, I’m Jessica. I was very hesitant to start this blog because I figured that I might not keep up with it (I’ve always been awful with journals or anything similar) and that people probably wouldn’t have an interest in what I thought about these books. But, to hell with that, right?

A little bit about me – I’m in my 20’s and have always had a love for reading. Both of my parents are avid readers and I got my start pretty young. Stephen King hooked me at the ripe age of 10 (possibly 11) and I haven’t looked back. In elementary school I read The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogy and it just grew from there.

I went to St. Cloud State University and graduated with a triple major in my four years there. That is where I met my boyfriend (6 years ago already!) and we now manage his family’s business. It is an online company where we specialize in low and no sodium foods. We ship directly to the customer and we ship Internationally. I wear many hats here and have about 10 different job titles, but it’s easiest to just say I’m the General Manager.

We have two chocolate labs, Watson and Ellie. You’ll see some scattered posts about them on here. Watson is almost 5 and Ellie is almost 4 years old. They keep life fun and it amazes me how different their personalities are.

Another fun fact (maybe?) is that I have epilepsy. I was diagnosed almost 11 years ago (holy shit, that’s a long time) and I have been seizure free for almost 6 years. I had my first grand mal seizure in 9th grade before school started and after that I was having the little ones every 2 hours like clockwork. I had one in my MRI and the EEG, so we know that it’s in my left frontal lobe and that there isn’t really a cause for them (strobe lights, abrupt noises, etc). They had me go off my meds after 4 years with no issues or adjustments and I was off them for a month and then had 3 more little ones within an 8 hour time frame. Poor Jeremy, we had been dating a month and I started having them. He was awesome though, his mom and I are now on the same medication (what are the odds she and I both have this?).

Update: As of December 11th, 2018 we got engaged! The wedding planning is pretty much done and we are at the 7 month mark until the wedding (as of April 30th, 2019). Don’t you worry – there will definitely be books incorporated and I’m so anxious to share photos of what I already have (but I have to force myself to wait – maybe December 1st I’ll share some photos)

Well, I guess that’s a little bit more to know about me! I hope you enjoy my reviews and photos that I share on here. You’ll see mainly genres that I’m in love with (thrillers, horror, suspense, historical fiction) because it’s not entirely fair to review genres that I’m not the target audience for. You’ll see some book mail and then book events that I can make it to (living an hour and a half away from Minneapolis makes it a little difficult at times).

Update: July 2022

Clearly I just suck at updating anything on this blog outside of the basic review posts, etc. Looking on my last update we have since gotten married. The wedding was on November 30th, 2019 and we got 17 inches of snow the day of the wedding and woke up to buried cars in the parking lot, but that’s the benefit of having everything at one location, right? No one had to leave and drive in that weather after the ceremony or reception because it was at the hotel. Talk about timing though because, as everyone knows, the beginning of 2020 everything shut down. Work was insane from the start of quarantine until very recently (good problem, right?) In August of 2020 we bought our first home – no longer living on the property with the warehouse. We’re on 20 acres of woods and have all the privacy we could ever want – can’t see the neighbors and the driveway curves so you can’t see the house from the road. The dogs have tons of space to run around and can stay in the detached shop all day while we’re gone.

As of September 2021 we acquired a black cat, that we named Billy. I know there are many different horror related references for Billy – Hocus Pocus, Saw – but he is named after Billy Loomis. If you understand that reference then we can be friends. He stays in the shop with the dogs and has taken on the qualities of a dog in a lot of ways. He tries to play fetch, he mimics a lot of what they do, and very recently he came when I called him in from the woods. He is strictly outside and shop cat though – not the house. He was taken in for mouse control and we have confirmed at least two dead mice so far.

Looks like I mentioned sharing photos of the wedding – so I suppose I can do that here. As promised, books were incorporated. The book page flowers were made by the incredibly talented With Love and Petals and I highly recommend checking her out! She was a delight to work with and got the color matched PERFECTLY to the bridesmaid’s dresses.

April 2022 Jeremy was finally able to cross the border again into Canada for them to get to their cabin and thankfully everything was intact and no damage done (after two years of closure). In June 2022 they were able to go up again and do their bear hunt, that has been in the works since 2019. Three of the four that went got their bears (bow hunting) and we’ll eventually have a massive rug to hang up on a wall at home. We also celebrated our 30th birthdays in April – that’s crazy to think about and soon we’ll have our 10th anniversary (I know the dating anniversary isn’t the one to celebrate after getting married, but I think ten years is a big milestone). Besides that I don’t think there are any other updates going on besides that! I’ll include some photos for updates below – wedding, cat, new bookshelves in the house, etc.

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