Watson & Ellie

Here is the small corner of my blog that isn’t 100% dedicated to books. These are the monsters that fight for the attention that my books sometimes get.

Two AKC Chocolate Labs just living the life in Northern Minnesota.

Let me do a quick introduction!

Watson, well officially named Doctor Watson McComas, is a 3 year old chocolate lab. His hobbies include standing outside and sniffing the air (instead of doing anything productive), making derpy faces, and eating ice/snow. If you scratch his butt then you will be his new best friend. He’s a massive lab, tipping the scales at 90lbs, but he’s just a big idiot. Despite his size, he loves when I pick him up still (one day I’ll share a video, he jumps up into my arms) While I’m not picking favorites (spoiler, he isn’t my favorite lol) this guy will always have a special place in my heart because he is my first dog. He is affectionately referred to as Fuzzbutt.

We decided one dog wasn’t enough, so then we got Ellie – officially Ellie Mae Robins with the AKC. Ellie is a freshly 2 year old chocolate lab as well – from a different breeder. Her life is 100% fetch, 100% of the time. There is no stopping her from getting her ball. Ear rubs are also life. She has a unique issue – she’s TOO happy. There will be photos from time to time where a bald spot is visible on her side. Well…that’s from what the vets like to call ‘Happy Tail’. This means she wags her little tail so hard that she’s wiping herself. There are definitely worst things in the world than having a dog that’s TOO happy.  She is affectionately referred to as either Little One or Grubby (that’s a story for another day) Oh, and isn’t her guilty face just the best?

August 28th, 2018 Update:

Woah, I’ve clearly been neglecting this part of my blog. Poor dogs. Well, a nice little update is that Ellie is growing her fur back!! After months of attacking her system with vitamins and hard boiled eggs, we are finally seeing some progress. Her tail still whips as hard as ever, but her system is growing back the fur and stronger (it seems). There is a glimmer of hope that one day she’ll be completely covered again. The other great side effect? SHE’S SO SOFT! Like a little velvet teddy bear.

Nothing new with Watson. He’s still big and dumb and we love him for it. He is beginning to like snuggling up with us more and more – I think now that he’s passing into adult dog age he’s not as antsy as he used to be.

Update: July 2022

Well, I continue to fail at updating anything outside of the normal posts. The dogs are now 7 (Ellie) and 8 (Watson) years old and the gray is starting to show more. The only real changes so far are that we moved and they now have much more space to run around in and we acquired a black cat, Billy. They’re all best friends now and Billy thinks he’s one of the dogs, which I have to admit, is adorable. They play together, snuggle up together in the shop, and he follows them around outside.

Ellie still has bald spots and Watson is still Watson. All good things. No real updates are good because nothing severe has changed with them.

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