Day 3 – “C” #atozkingchallenge

Two of my fellow Bookstagrammers , and #kingsisters , ¬†host a Stephen King themed challenge every other month. Well, this month they’re hosting a slightly different kind of challenge from their regular #constantreaderchallenge . Its King A to Z – so we get to post how we interpret each letter in relation to the King. So book titles, characters, etc. If you haven’t seen @ab_reads or @jobis89 , then go check them out.

As you’ll begin to realize, I’m the biggest fan of his Richard Bachman titles. So my entry for today’s letter, “C”, is Collection. Here it is, in all its glory. My entire Richard Bachman collection.



My favorite Bachman book is THE REGULATORS¬†– I reread it probably once a year. I have more editions on their way and I’ll be sure to do a post specifically showing them off.

My crowning jewel in my collection are the original Bachman paperbacks. I have both sets – the UK and US editions. This took awhile to complete because the US edition of RAGE is incredibly rare and hard to find – in good shape and for a good price. My boyfriend surprised me with buying a copy for me. Talk about a keeper!

Enjoy your Saturdays!


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