Blood Wedding by Pierre Lemaitre

When I got a hold of this book – thanks to Quercus Books – I hadn’t heard much about it. And, not to complain, there wasn’t much of a description on Goodreads. I knew it was a thriller/suspense novel and it was a translation. Then I saw on the cover, “A really excellent suspense novelist.” – Stephen King. If the King approves, then I need to read it.

BLOOD WEDDING by Pierre Lemaitre (translated by Frank Wynne) is an already released book – but the paperback is releasing June 6th (today!)


Here are my thoughts:

Sophie Duguet has been forgetful lately – simple things like misplacing her keys or forgetting where she left her car. It began spiraling into forgetting what she has said and done and turned into her being detained for shoplifting – a crime she doesn’t remember committing. Her blackout spells continue to worsen and one day she discovers that the young boy she nannies, Leo, has been killed. She has no memory of this tragedy taking place while he was in her care. Sophie goes on the run.

We follow Sophie on her journey to finding a new life for herself. From changing her identity to her appearance so that she can evade the police. Did she really kill Leo? She thinks that she has escaped the demons from her past – finding a new place, new job, and potentially a new husband – but her new nightmare has only just begun.

Most of the story is in Sophie’s perspective, but then we’re introduced to Frantz’ perspective. Frantz has been keeping a journal on Sophie for years and follows her every move. He knows all the intimate details of her life and shows just how far obsession can take a person.

This book was a unique suspense novel. I really enjoyed it and the twists thrown in were great! I definitely wasn’t expecting the ending. Lemaitre did a great job making Sophie real; you felt what she felt. There were times where I was questioning everything – did she kill Leo? Did she kill the others? Why is she having these blackouts? If you want a good psychological suspense, then I’d highly recommend this one!

I give this a solid 4/5 stars!

A big thanks to Quercus Books for the copy in exchange for my honest opinion.





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