On Wednesdays, We Post Blue – #booksnotbullies

If you’re on Bookstagram then you’ve probably seen the tag #booksnotbullies accompanying photos of blue books. This is to show that the book corner of Instagram is meant to be a place of fun, community, discussion, and books (obviously!)

It made me so happy when I saw all of the blue books posted when all of this first started. So many amazing people in this community coming together to keep this as a welcoming place for all book lovers and collectors. I’ve seen the bullying on comment threads and I’ve experienced it in DMs – just delete them and move along. But for some other accounts it went further than a few comments here and there, it blew up into harassment.

I’ll never understand why people feel the need to get so worked up and nasty….about books. Don’t get me wrong, I love books and they’re something I’m incredibly passionate about, but I’m not gonna get all up in arms about them. Everyone is going to disagree and have different opinions. That’s what makes it such a fun place – I’ve also been able to get so many recommendations based on discussions. So many of my favorite books have been recommended to me from fellow Bookstagrammers 🙂

I appreciate you all and love this community. Remember – it’s books! Lets keep it about the books and not about the stuff, the arguments, or disagreements. It’s about meeting other bookworms (I’ve never had someone I could discuss books with)! I’ve made so many great friends here 🙂 Don’t be someone you’re not. If you only want to post books in the same position and layout, then do it! If you want a bunch of props and get artistic with it, do it! It’s not about the followers, likes, or how many rep spots you have (that’s a topic and a rant for another day).

What it boils down to, if you have 200 followers or 20k followers, I’m happy you’re all here to enjoy the books with me! 🙂

Every Wednesday, lets see some blue! Even if it’s just one prominent blue book, flower, mug, background…anything! Let’s keep this tag alive.





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