Once Upon A Crime Bookstore – Minneapolis, MN

When I was visiting one of my close friends on Saturday, she told me she knew exactly where she was going to take me. We walked a few blocks – on the hottest day of the year – and we came across this hidden away gem!

Inside was nothing but mysteries, thrillers, and true crime novels. An entire section of Hard Case Crime books – I only need another 35! There was a Scandinavian Authors section – Nordic Noir section. Oh my god, any crime lovers dream!

I could have spent hours in here. Just weaving through the little rows and discovering new and old titles. There was even a Local Authors section – oh hey Minnesota writers!

When I left, with only a few books, I was also given this amazing map. Every year, a local artist remakes this same map (new style every year). This map shows you were all of the independently owned bookstores are in the state of Minnesota. From what I counted, there are 17, yes you read that right SEVENTEEN, little bookstores that are just as unique and amazing as this one.



So I think we all know what’s about to happen. A road trip where we find all of these little bookstores! I can’t wait for this adventure to happen. Now, I’ll be adding these four lovely additions to my shelves 🙂


Support your independently owned bookstores and remember to shop local!



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