#allthebookreviews – A God in the Shed by J.F. Dubeau

If you haven’t already figured it out, Chandra and I LOVE horror. Ya, thrillers are good and all, but nothing beats our true love. The creepier, gorier, and more demented the better. I’d rather watch a slasher film than anything else – hence my constant SCREAM marathon lately.

A GOD IN THE SHED by J.F. Dubeau is an incredible horror story. We’re both so ready for books 2 and 3 already!!


Chandra’s Thoughts: 4/5 stars

So happy to be reading my first love, horror, again! And what a story to get into! Occult? Yes! Supernatural? Yes! Ancient Evil? Yessssssssss! A dark spirit introduces itself to a group of boys years ago, but it plays by its own rules and should you choose to cheat… well, nothing can save you. Don’t anger this ancient god, do not break the rules and do NOT set it free once you find a way to trap it. Flash forward and we see the town of Saint-Ferdinand in which the inhabitants have been living in fear for almost twenty years and bodies continue to go missing while the killer remains at large. Inspector Crowley (yay for this Supernatural FAN!) finally catches the killer, but bodies continue to go missing. Is there an accomplice? Or are their darker forces involved?

Enter Venus, a teenager who accidentally traps a dark god in her shed (hey-o, title!). Her curiosity piqued, she finds out about the town’s history and how key people within the community are catalysts to something bigger… darker… and bloodier. Will she set this god free to get her deepest desire?

The author brings in many characters and we see from a variety of perspectives from chapter to chapter. Even with these vast introductions, I never felt lost and I felt he was setting up a history within a history for each character as a baseline for something prominent in the future. It’s bloody, gory, mysterious, moderate to slow paced and sucks you right in. I love these types of books and Mr. Dubeau does not disappoint. My black heart is full. The cover is gorgeous, the story line is interesting, I’ll never play a game of hide and seek again and I want to make furry coats out of stuffed animals for all hairless cats. Confused? Read the book so you won’t be ;).

Keeping this at 4 stars because a few things were left a little untied at the end… I’m assuming and hoping that this is a set up for upcoming sequels because I’ll be following Mr. Dubeau for quite some time I think.

My Thoughts: 5/5 stars

So I was instantly drawn to this book for two reasons – that cover and then the comparison to other great horror authors (King, Simmons, Barker, etc). There was also a mention of the occult and the sentence, “Stephen King’s IT meets Jeepers Creepers.” Otherwise, I went into it blindly – oh my god. If you want a great horror story, then you need to pick up A GOD IN THE SHED by J. F. Dubeau.

I just have to say, that prologue. Wow! That really sets the tone for this entire book. This is a very atmospheric thriller taking place in Quebec, Canada – specifically the small village of Saint-Ferdinand. This small village has everything you’d expect; farmhouses, one main street, small police precinct, a grocery store, and a couple of diners. However, the most unusual thing about this town is the cemetery – far too large, and too full, for such a small area. All are victims from the Saint-Ferdinand Killer, who successfully eluded police for almost 20 years until Inspector Stephen Crowley caught him.

Now that he’s been caught, a much darker force is uncovered. A dark spirit has revealed itself to Venus – a local teenager. This creatures shows her what its capable of and that it has a long seeded history with Saint-Ferdinand. Something so dark and evil that the serial murders just barely scratch the surface.

It is told in multiple perspectives, which could get a little bit confusing, but I love that style of writing. So much gore, blood, and twisted things happening in this small town. It does have a slower pace to it, but I couldn’t put it down! I had to know the next demented thing that was going to happen. The characters were very well-developed and complex – Dubeau made it so easy to connect with the characters (even the serial killer!).

It was left open ended because – as I just learned – this is part one of a trilogy. So I can’t be upset that not all my questions were answered. Without a doubt, I’ll be getting book 2 and 3. If you’re a fan of horror, ghosts, monsters, the occult, and serial killers, then I’d highly recommend this one to you.


I’d have to agree with what others have said, Dubeau is well on his way to join names like King, Simmons, Barker, and more! Keep scaring us, please.

A big thanks to Inkshares for sending us advanced copies in exchange for our honest reviews!




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