The Substitute – Nicole Lundrigan

June is the month for thrillers! Whether you’re a fan of ┬ádomestic, political, mystery, criminal, or psychological thrillers, there’s definitely something for you! THE SUBSTITUTE by Nicole Lundrigan (releasing June 24th, 2017) is no different.

My Thoughts: 4.5/5 stars!

I had heard nothing but good things about Nicole Lundrigan and her writing, so when I saw THE SUBSTITUTE on Netgalley I had to request it! The cover caught my eye and the brief synopsis I read was enough to pull me in. Talk about a creepy thriller that throws you into the mind of a psychopath.

Warren Botts is a Ph.D who is taking a break from his lab in order to teach middle school science. He’s a very quiet, more of a loner, and keeps to himself. He innocently befriends one of his students, Amanda, with no sinister intentions. One morning, Amanda is found dead, but in his backyard. Upon discovering her body, Warren flees the scene.

The story is told through different perspectives, with one being that of an anonymous narrator. This narrator is incredibly intelligent, emotionally detached, and gives the reader insight into past events. As the suspense builds throughout the book, we begin to gain some insights and understanding of the power of secrets, memories, and the illusions in this story.

Lundrigan does an incredible job with developing the characters – you really get to know them. Some you love and some you hate. This is more of a slower building psychological thriller – but it packs a punch! Creepy, demented, and twisted, we get an intimate look inside of a psychopathic killer. I’ll definitely be looking for her other books! It’s so well written and it’ll keep you guessing until the very end.

A big thanks to House of Anansi and Netgalley for a copy in exchange for my honest review.


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