Book Mail – Bleeding Heart by Lauren Bishop

Back in March, the #CJSReads trio read BLEEDING HEART by Lauren Bishop. Spoiler – we all LOVED it. It got 5 stars across the board from us 🙂 Lauren was so kind and sent me a copy with her new cover art on it (both are beautiful covers in my opinion). The one on the left is the original cover and the one on the right is the new, revamped one.


Here’s the synopsis:

Simone is an only child growing up in Michigan with her two loving parents. They give her the world and she doesn’t want for anything. She spends her summers in her plush tree house that rivals some homes and her winters skiing in Minnesota with her best friends.

But one spring day everything changes. Her parents never come home and she’s left with only memories.

It’s been years since her parents’ death and she’s gone from foster homes to crashing with friends. She finds herself defeated with nowhere to go and desperation sets in.

Neil is a sinister man that feeds off of control. He has a way of always getting what he wants. Simone is young, beautiful and vulnerable. He has to have her. He becomes her knight in shining armor and sweeps her off of her feet. Little does she know getting wrapped up in Neil’s web will be the worst mistake of her life.

Living as Neil’s prisoner, Simone doesn’t think things could get any worse. But when Neil sets his sights on a new conquest obsession and murder threaten everyone in his path. With her life at stake, Simone must dig deep within herself to finally find a way out.


Sounds crazy, right??


My Thoughts: 5/5 stars!

I loved this book! I had no idea what to expect going into this, and I was incredibly impressed. I really enjoyed the different perspectives throughout the book – its a writing style I’ve always liked because it answers so many questions as the story progresses.

Without giving away too much of the book, we follow Simone in her current situation. She’s living with Neil, a man that thrives off of control, and they have a unique relationship (think Doll House or the relationship between Jack and Grace in Behind Closed Doors). Neil sets his sights on Vanessa and his obsession has made him a ticking time bomb and Simone must tread carefully.

This book got going in the first chapter and didn’t stop. I loved the back stories and learning how Simone got to where she was currently. We really get a picture painted of her past; what she had to overcome in her life, and how she became tangled up with Neil. Lauren Bishop did a great job creating the characters. You could relate to Simone, you were creeped out by and hated Neil, and you felt for Vanessa for getting caught up in his web, despite her resistance.


You need to go check her out on her Instagram and get a copy of her book!



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