Don’t Close Your Eyes – Holly Seddon

Time to end out June with a bang! This was my 29th and final book for the month and it did not disappoint.

DON’T CLOSE YOUR EYES is the highly anticipated sophomore novel of Holly Seddon’s (releasing July 4th, 2017!) Do you want a twisty domestic and psychological thriller? Look no further.


My Thoughts: 4/5 stars!

July is another month full of upcoming psychological thrillers! DONT CLOSE YOUR EYES by Holly Seddon is one of those more anticipated ones. We follow twin sisters, Robin and Sarah, they haven’t spoken in years, but when Sarah turns up on Robin’s doorstep, all their secrets from their past begin to catch up with them.

Robin and Sarah are twin sisters that lead very different lives. Sarah’s husband has kicked her out and won’t allow her to see her child. Her past is catching up to her and so are her dark secrets – but she will not lose her daughter – so Sarah goes looking for her sister. Robin is a complete shut in, but her new hobby is spying on her neighbors and meddling with their lives in subtle ways. Her world is flipped upside down when someone from her past comes back into her life.

The story is told in the alternating perspectives of Robin and Sarah – it also jumps from childhood flashbacks to present day. Back in their childhood, the girls made a new friend at school, Callum. The two families get along great until deception tears them apart. The girls are separated – one off to England with their father and the other to the United States with their mother.

Holly Seddon did an incredible job weaving such an intricate story. The short chapters and switching perspectives helps keep the pace throughout the book. Robin and Sarah’s childhood is full of secrets, lies, and they are constantly enduring misfortunes. How does Callum fit into all of this? Well, you better start reading to find out!

This was a great domestic and psychological thriller. Seddon perfectly captures family dysfunction and how the effects carry on into adulthood. These characters are so well developed and complex – you love them, you want to know more about them. She laid out the story in a way that made you keep turning the pages, and with the short chapters I found myself constantly saying, “Just one more!”.

If you want a good psychological and domestic thriller with one hell of a twist, then I’d highly recommend this one!


A big thanks to Ballantine Books for the advanced copy in exchange for my honest review!



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