The Secrets She Keeps – Michael Robotham

Happy release day!!

THE SECRETS SHE KEEPS by Michael Robotham is out on shelves today 🙂

This was another #CJSReads2017 July selection and it definitely did not disappoint. Check back tomorrow to see what Chandra and Sam thought!


My Thoughts: 5/5 stars!

Yet another book where the King is quoted on the cover! “Robotham is an absolute master.” If Stephen King is calling you the master of psychological suspense, then I definitely need to be reading this book! THE SECRETS SHE KEEPS by Michael Robotham is psychological thriller that follows the lives of two pregnant women. They cross paths and their lives are forever changed.

We follow Agatha and Meghan. Two pregnant women who lives are about to irreversibly intertwine. Agatha is working part time stocking shelves at a grocery store in an expensive London suburb. While she works she always hopes to catch a glimpse of a customer she idolizes – Meghan. Meghan has the seemingly perfect life – two perfect children, an adoring husband, a happy marriage, and a successful parenting blog, that Agatha reads religiously.

Meghan’s life is far from perfect. With her marriage on the rocks lately and her husband, Jack, becoming increasingly argumentative Meghan is hoping that baby number three will help put things back to how they were. But everyone has their secrets, and Meghan has plenty of them.

Learning that Meghan is pregnant again, she finally gets up the courage to approach her. Coincidentally, their due dates are within the same month, so that gives Agatha another thing in common with her. Little does Meghan know, a seemingly innocent exchange with a grocery store employee would completely change her life forever.

I love the alternating perspectives in this book. Back and forth between Agatha and Meghan. Robotham does an incredible job developing these two female characters. The differences in their pregnancies, state of mind, and their lives are so perfectly illustrated and described to the reader. There were many times this story got in my head and gave me the creeps. The level of obsession and delusion that Agatha was reaching – in regards to her “relationship” with Meghan – made my skin crawl.

This book had twists and thrills. It was a gripping page turner and I loved it. This really brings into question, what do you really know about someone and their life? We all think we know each other well through social media, but that’s the sides of them they want us to see. The secrets and lies throughout this book kept you on your toes! I will definitely be reading more of Robotham’s work after this one.

If you want a gripping psychological thriller with in depth character development, then I’d highly recommend this one to you! The King wasn’t lying when he said that Robotham was the absolute master.


A big thanks to Scribner for the advanced copy in exchange for my honest review!


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