The Marriage Pact – Michelle Richmond

Summer 2017 is on fire for new releases when it comes to thrillers. The next one up for July 25th, 2017 is THE MARRIAGE PACT by Michelle Richmond.

Thanks to Bantam Books and Random House for sending me an advanced copy in exchange for my honest review.

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My Thoughts: 4/5 stars!

How far would you go to keep your marriage perfect? THE MARRIAGE PACT by Michelle Richmond is about the picture perfect newlywed couple, Jake and Alice. They are presented and opportunity to join an exclusive and mysterious group called, The Pact. Seduced by the group, Jake and Alice take the plunge and join, but when rules are broken they will learn the hard way – The Pact is for life.

Alice is a successful lawyer and her husband Jake is a psychologist. Living in newly-wedded bliss, they receive a wedding gift from some of Alice’s prestigious clients. An invitation to join The Pact. The opportunity to join The Pact is incredibly enticing, they have one goal, to keep marriages happy and intact. There are simple rules to follow: always answer the phone when your spouse calls, exchange thoughtful gifts monthly, plan a trip together once per quarter, and the most important, never mention The Pact to anyone. Fight Club vibe, anyone?

The couple is really enjoying being apart of this community. Everyone is close and their marriage is happy. However, when Alice breaks one of the rules they learn that there are punishments and most importantly, The Pact is for life. Throughout the story, we learn along with the characters that The Pact has influence and reach everywhere and there is no escaping them.

This was a great psychological thriller meets domestic thriller. The cult vibe is even better – I find cults to be incredibly fascinating and Michelle Richmond did a great job capturing the eeriness and the seductive qualities that a cult provides. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of a group like that? How hard is it to comply with their simple rules? I will say that the ending definitely felt like it came out of nowhere. I’m not entirely sure how I feel about it yet. It definitely left me with some questions and needing some more closure.

Overall, this was a great and unique domestic thriller. If you’re a fan of cults, domestic thrillers, and an element of psychological thriller, then this is one you need to pick up! I loved this book and think it’s another highly anticipated summer 2017 release that lived up to it’s hype!


Is this one that’s on your TBR? Do you like the psychological thrillers best?



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