The Girls in the Water – Victoria Jenkins

Another great Bookouture release! Also a solid debut for author Victoria Jenkins.

THE GIRLS IN THE WATER by Victoria Jenkins – released August 3rd!

A new series of Detectives Alex King and Chloe Lane and they’re faced with the task of finding a serial killer. Meanwhile, Chloe’s personal life begins to interfere.


My Thoughts: 4/5 stars!

When Bookouture comes out with another thriller, and one with this line to the start the synopsis: “The first one had been an accident. He had never intended to kill her. But as he looked down at her body, he knew there would be a next oneā€¦” how could I not read this one? This was a fantastic debut for Victoria Jenkins, THE GIRLS IN THE WATER is a great thriller will have you turning the pages.

Detective Alex King and her new recruit, Chloe Lane, are called to a crime scene – the body of Lola Evans is found in the river of a local park. Now the pair of female detectives must track down the killer. A few days later a second body turns up, and under similar circumstances. They’re all found in water – a river, lake, etc. and the connection is made that all of these women were apart of the same support group.

As Alex and Chloe are racing to find clues and catch the killer, Chloe’s personal life begins to interfere. She comes across her brother’s cold case file and begins to dig back into his murder. She quickly finds out that these are secrets someone would kill to keep hidden.

I thought this was a solid debut thriller! Bookouture hasn’t let me down yet! While the murders seem like they would be center stage in this book, Chloe’s backstory and her brother’s cold case begin to emerge as the focus. There was definitely a twist thrown in at the end that I wasn’t expecting!

I look forward to seeing how Alex and Chloe develop in coming novels!


Have you found any Bookouture gems? I haven’t been disappointed by one of their books yet!



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