The Driver – Hart Hanson

Here’s another August release! Equal parts thriller and humor – what more could you want?

Thanks to Dutton Books for the copy in exchange for my honest review! #PRHPartner

THE DRIVER by Hart Hanson (out tomorrow – August 8th) is written by the mind behind the TV show Bones and one of the #CJSReads2017 title selections.

Check back tomorrow to see what Chandra and Sam thought!


My Thoughts: 5/5 stars!

Reading the description for the book and seeing the awesome cover (you all know by now that I’m a sucker for a great cover) I knew I needed to read this! THE DRIVER by Hart Hanson – the mind behind the TV show Bones – was a great thriller. It had all the elements you love, but with a touch of humor. Usually that doesn’t sound like a good combo, but Hansom meshes them flawlessly and made for an incredibly enjoyable read.

Michael Skellig is a limo driver and he’s waiting for his client outside of an upscale hotel. His current client is a skateboarding mogul, Bismarck Avila and his bodyguards. Skellig is also the owner of the limo company and he, along with his group of employees, is a veteran. Specifically an Army Special Forces sergeant and his training kicks in – something changes in the wind causing him to think one thing: troubletroubletrouble. He goes running in to get Avila and just in time, because two Chechen gunman attack and kill one bodyguard and put Skellig in the hospital.

When he wakes up in the hospital he finds himself in custody and is the only person of interest in this murder. Things get complicated when Detective Delilah Groopman from the LAPD gets involved – someone that Skellig has always been fond of. Avila is willing to help clear Skellig’s name but only if he becomes his personal chauffeur – seems like a great gig? Well, Skellig would like it a lot more if his client wasn’t obviously a target for murder. Will he be able to clear his name and save Avila?

I loved the writing. While some people might find it to be overly descriptive or, at times, too comical, I felt that it worked very well for this book! It’s a very uniquely written thriller and made for a quick read! I love when thrillers and mysteries have all of the elements we love but also have something that sets them apart. The characters were great and the mystery was there to keep the pages turning. The relationships and interactions between the characters were genuine and showed how unique they all were – with most being wounded veterans, Hanson presents the different mental effects very well. There were some violent parts towards the end, so that added to the thriller elements we know and love (sometimes).

Overall, I loved the added humor. I know that won’t be for everyone, so if you aren’t looking for a thriller with a lot of laughs thrown in, then you’ll want to move on. Hart Hanson perfectly meshes comedy with mystery!


I’m excited to see what Chandra and Sam thought of this one! It’s not our typical gory and heavy police procedural psychological thriller.



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