The Grip Of It – Jac Jemc

I always love a good haunted house story!

THE GRIP OF IT by Jac Jemc was one of the books in this month’s Nocturnal Reader’s Box (if you haven’t subscribed be sure to use Leah’s (@kingandcoffee) code: KINGCOFFEE15 for a discount on your first month!


My Thoughts: 4/5 stars!

Who doesn’t love a good haunted house story? Especially an incredibly eerie and scare filled one. THE GRIP OF IT by Jac Jemc is a quick horror story that is packed full of scares and creeps. If you like unsettling paranormal encounters, then this is one you’ll have to pick up.

Julie and James are looking for their clean slate. James has had some issues with gambling, so this prompted their quick move out of the city and into a small town. They find a small house that is nestled between the ocean and the forest – sounds perfect, right? Well, they quickly begin to experience strange things. From a moaning that won’t go away to the physical house beginning to change before their eyes. As they try to figure out why this house is tormenting them, they will need to dig deep into the former residents’ past.

We alternate between the perspectives of James and Julie. Not only are we seeing and experiencing what the house is doing to them, but we also get to experience first hand the slow deterioration of their mental states. While the paranormal activity taking place is scary (very well done and not over the top or cheesy) its the psychological effects that are what kept me unsettled. Is it really the house, or is it all in their minds? Are they doing this to each other? The paranoia the characters feel is so real!

If you want a great haunted house story that will keep you looking over your shoulder, then I’d highly recommend this one! At just under 300 pages it was a quick and scary read.


What are some other good haunted house stories that you love?


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