The Bride of Glass – Candace Robinson

Here it is – book 2 in the Glass Vault series.

THE BRIDE OF GLASS is the follow up to QUINSEY WOLFE’S GLASS VAULT by Candace Robinson.

A huge thanks to the amazing author for sending me both book 1 and 2 in exchange for my honest review.


My Thoughts: 4/5 stars!

We’re back with our favorite and not so favorite characters in book two of the Glass Vault series. Being fresh off the first book I was so excited to get into this one.

THE BRIDE OF GLASS picks up where QUINSEY WOLFE’S GLASS VAULT left off – our characters are left under Vale’s influence and are being forced to collect more souls for the Glass Museum. Perrie has been turned into Vale’s bride and trapped under his spell. With some of the others able to wake up from the influence of evil, is it now Maisie’s turn to try and rescue Perrie and all the others that are trapped under the evil’s veil.

Without giving away too much more for those who haven’t read the first book, I will say that I did enjoy this one more than the first book! I think coming straight off the first book helped a lot. I was already into the characters and the writing style. Candace is a great writer and I love the combo of horror and retellings.  The only downside was that it went too quickly – I want more of the story and more details!

The characters are (still) great and it was intriguing seeing the grip and influence that Vale has over everyone. It’s much more character driven and dark. It was refreshing seeing through the eyes of the other characters and the readers get to see some snippets from the past. Oh, and that ending? You’ll never see it coming!

If you want a fast read with a retelling and a touch of horror, then I highly recommend starting with book one (QUINSEY WOLFE’S GLASS VAULT). If you loved book one, then you need to pick up book two!


I’d highly recommend this series to anyone that loves horror or retellings!



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