Friend Request by Laura Marshall

Thrillers that incorporate modern technology are always great!

Happy release day to Laura Marshall’s debut, FRIEND REQUEST!

This was also an #allthebookreviews title selection, so check back later for our combined thoughts 🙂


My Thoughts: 4/5 stars!

I’m instantly intrigued by thrillers and suspense novels that have modern technology or social media involved. It’s such a present thing in our lives and we never truly know who is on the other end of that profile. So when I read the synopsis for Laura Marshall’s debut, FRIEND REQUEST, I was very excited to start.

Present day, 2016, Louise is a newly divorced mother who is trying to live the best life for her son. One day, she receives an email that makes her heart stop – a friend request on Facebook from Maria Weston. There’s only one problem, Maria Weston couldn’t possibly have sent that request, because she’s been dead for 25 years.

Past, 1989, Louise befriends the new girl, Maria, that transferred very late into her senior year. She’s drawn to her because she’s completely unlike her other friends. They become fast friends, but then one fateful night changed everything.

We got back and forth from 1989 to 2016. Trying to learn what happened 25 years ago to Maria. Who is really behind the Facebook page and why are they now contacting Louise? So many questions to be answered and that kept me flipping the pages. Having to reconnect with friends she severed ties with just to piece together the events of that night. We see everything through the eyes of Louise and in these kinds of suspense novels we have to wonder, is she a reliable narrator? With a red herring or two thrown into the mix, this makes for a compelling read. I will say that the ending wasn’t my favorite, but it tied things together for the readers.

Overall, I did enjoy this book and it’s a solid debut! The elements of social media were great and the story wasn’t predictable. If you like alternating timelines and a potentially unreliable, solo narrator, then this is the suspense novel for you!


What do you think of the more technological thrillers? Do you like the element of social media incorporated?


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