Idyll Threats & Idyll Fears – Stephanie Gayle

Jessica, why do you have two books in this review post? Well, since book 2 (IDYLL FEARS) released on Tuesday I figured I’d better read book 1 (IDYLL THREATS) beforehand.

Thanks to Prometheus Books for the copies in exchange for my honest review!


IDYLL FEARS (Book 2) by Stephanie Gayle – released on September 5th!


My Thoughts on IDYLL THREATS: 4.5/5 stars!

When local woman, Cecilia North, is found murdered on the town’s golf course Thomas Lynch is on the case. As luck would have it, he had met her the night before the murder, but he can’t reveal that information to his fellow detectives. He has to try to solve this on his own or he’ll risk his deepest secret getting out, that he’s gay. Living in the small town of Idyll, Connecticut he sees and hears the homophobia and is terrified to face that with his colleagues.

Without having his fellow detectives on the case with him, he turns to a couple of unlikely allies. Teamed with UFO obsessed conspiracy theorist and a Goth teenager, Lynch is feeling the pressure from the mayor to solve this murder.

Gayle writes this completely from the perspective of Thomas Lynch. Something very different seeing things from his perspective and how the homophobia in the precinct affects him and why he chooses to do the investigation on his own. The character development is great – flawed characters that you grow to empathize with. The plot moves along at a good pace and I definitely binged on this one.

Overall, from her descriptions to the humor thrown in, I loved Gayle’s writing style. The perspective of Thomas was unique and refreshing and the mystery was intriguing. Off to read book 2!

My Thoughts on IDYLL FEARS: 4.5/5 stars!

Here we are with book 2 in the Thomas Lynch series! IDYLL FEARS by Stephanie Gayle continues the story of Police Chief Thomas Lynch in the small town of Idyll, Connecticut. Lynch is faced with a new mystery to solve and a child to save, all while dealing with a crime wave sweeping Idyll.

Just before Christmas, 6 year old Cody Forrand goes missing. Cody has a rare genetic disorder that can be life-threatening as he can’t feel pain. In the middle of winter with a snow storm, he could be in grave danger. Lynch has an uphill battle with his fellow investigators as he tries to solve the case. He must call in reinforcements to help, so the FBI now becomes involved in the abduction case.

While this is going on, Idyll is experiencing a crime wave. Lynch finds himself to be the target of prank calls, hate speech, and he suspects it’s all started by a coworker. Now he must try to stop the crime wave AND find Cody before it’s too late.

Once again, Gayle does a phenomenal job with this police procedural. It’s not too heavily focused on the investigation to make it too technical (I know that can lose a lot of people and drag on). We get to learn more about Thomas as a person and the struggles he is now facing. Trying to find Cody is the main focus of this novel, but the subplot of the crime spree doesn’t take away too much or feel rushed. A solid continuation of this series and I really hope that she continues with Thomas Lynch!

Overall, I loved the further character development and the investigation kept me flipping the pages. It’s refreshing when a series is solid throughout since many can fall flat. If you want a good suspense with a unique main character, then I recommend grabbing book one (IDYLL THREATS) and diving into this series.


I hope this series continues on! Is there a crime series that you’re in love with?


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