The Chronicles of Prince Enki – A.E. Hazelwood

Are you a sci-fi fan? Well, I think this could be a great, quick read for you!

Thank you to the author, A.E. Hazelwood, for the advanced copy in exchange for my honest review.

THE CHRONICLES OF PRINCE ENKI by A.E. Hazelwood is out today!

Here’s a solid debut novel full of sci-fi goodness and suspense.


My Thoughts: 4/5 stars!

I’ll start this with saying that I typically don’t read a ton of sci-fi, but I went into this with an open mind (I mean, there’s suspense and I love that in a book). I do think that if a die hard sci-fi fan were to read this, they would absolutely love it. I think some parts were a little lost on me, but like I said, could definitely be because I’m not as exposed to this genre.

As for the plot, I don’t want to go into too much detail because with how everything is intertwined, I wouldn’t want to accidentally give away a spoiler. This book seems to have a little bit of everything – suspense, mystery, A.I. invaders, dragons, telepathy, wars within the universe, and memorable characters. There are a couple of storylines to follow within the plot of the book. We start with four strangers waking up in Brooklyn and not knowing how they got there. Soon events start to unfold where they realize they have a lot more in common with each other and that they each possess powers. Powers that they need to learn to control when needed.

In the background we have a couple more storylines that pop up that involve many characters. I think this is where I began to get a little bit confused. With some names being similar (EN.KI and EN.LIL, etc) some parts had to be reread to keep everything straight in my mind. Hazelwood did a great setting the scene without going overboard with too much description. A style choice that I enjoyed was having one chapter end mid-sentence that then continued into the first sentence of the next chapter (even though it was a different storyline). That definitely kept the pace up!

Overall, this book was very well written and plenty of suspense to keep me hooked. My only drawbacks were the multiple storylines and so many characters. I got a little lost in a couple parts, but was then able to straighten it all out again. This is a solid sci-fi debut and I look forward to more from Hazelwood.


I love being able to read books that are outside of my typical genres. How else am I going to continue to expand my horizons?



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