Book of Judas – Linda Stasi

Happy belated release day

Thanks to Forge Books for the copy in exchange for my honest review.

BOOK OF JUDAS by Linda Stasi – released yesterday!

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My Thoughts: 4.5/5 stars!

I went into this one blindly and I’m glad I did! BOOK OF JUDAS by Linda Stasi is book 2 in the Alessandra Russo series (I’ve been reading series out of order a lot lately). However I didn’t find myself to be too lost in the story or the characters. Alessandra Russo is a reporter in NYC and is on the hunt for the lost pages of the Gospel of Judas.

Alessandra Russo is a New York City reporter and she recently gave birth to her son. She is thrust into the world of murder and conspiracy when the life of her infant son is threatened. She’s put on the case to investigate and find the missing pages from the Gospel of Judas. This manuscript was unearthed in Egypt decades ago and somehow ended up in a bank deposit box in Long Island. What’s so important about the missing pages from this manuscript? Well, it sheds new light on the story of Judas that would change everything. She must now race against the clock to recover these pages before they fall into the wrong hands, and most importantly, so she can save her son.

I haven’t really seen religious thrillers before as a genre. Or maybe I just haven’t paid enough attention! I’m not normally one to pick up anything very religious – just not a topic I’m highly interested in. But Stasi kept the action and tension up throughout the whole book, so it didn’t feel too religiously focused (if that makes sense). I really liked Alessandra in this novel. I need to go back and read book one to get to know her better! It was interesting seeing how differently the Bible would be interpreted if this were to actually happen and the changes that could bring.

Overall, if you want an action packed thriller with a relatable female lead, then this is right up your alley! If you’re intrigued by the idea of a religious thriller, then you’ll want to grab this series.


What do you think of religious thrillers? Or religious mysteries?


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