The Witch’s Kiss – Katharine & Elizabeth Corr

Happy belated release!

Thanks to Harper360 for the copy in exchange for my honest review 🙂

THE WITCH’S KISS by the sister duo of Katharine and Elizabeth Corr (released on September 19th!)


My Thoughts: 4/5 stars!

I’m usually just into horror and thrillers, but I have a soft spot for dark fairytales and retellings. So THE WITCH’S KISS by sister duo Katharine and Elizabeth Corr, sounded right up my alley. This is a more YA fantasy novel, so if you aren’t the biggest fan of YA then this might not be for you. I can tell you though, that the romance element (that all YA novels have) isn’t sappy and over the top! So, that’s a major bonus.

Meredith, Merry, is a 16 year old girl. As if trying to deal with a feuding family, school, and growing up isn’t enough, she’s also a witch. Her powers come pouring out of her fingers when she’s stressed – I’d be stressed enough about that! She then meets Jack. He’s a down-to-earth and sensitive guy, minus the fact that he’s periodically possessed by a centuries old curse. It’s up to Merry and her brother, Leo, to help save Jack and defeat the villain possessing him, Gwydion.

First off, the characters were great. Merry felt like a real teenage girl. She wasn’t perfect, she had real emotions, and she’s just trying to figure out this whole being a witch thing. Her brother Leo was another great character. He would do anything to keep Merry and their grandmother safe. Both were very heroic in the battle with Gwydion (even though Leo doesn’t have any powers). Gwydion was what you want in a villain. The only motives were death and destruction and those were made very clear. Someone that was truly evil.

One thing that I know a lot of people don’t like about YA novels is the love story element. I’m never really a fan of the love stories, but this wasn’t sappy, so it didn’t bother me at all! I loved the writing – I’m always curious how books will turn out when it’s a duo writing. There was a fast pace and that kept me turning the pages. Also, the incorporation of Anglo-Saxon England kept it unique. You’ll learn vocabulary from that period and it gives it a bit of historical flare.

Overall, this was a creepy and action packed dark fairytale. That ending? Was not expecting that! Now I anxiously wait for book two to release in the US.


Anyone else a fan of dark takes on fairytales?



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