The Nocturnal Reader’s Box – Monster Mayhem

Well, September is practically over, so it’s probably safe to post this unboxing!

Once again, The Nocturnal Reader’s Box does not disappoint with their last themed box. Moving forward they’re getting rid of the themes, so Monster Mayhem is the final one.

If you want to order from them, and you definitely should, make sure to use Leah’s code for a discount: KINGCOFFEE15



  • THE WICKED by James Newman (new release)
  • GREENER PASTURES by Michael Wehunt (previous release)
  • A metal water bottle from Miskatonic University
  • Herbal sleep oil called “The Sandman’s Despair” from Natura Amantis
  • Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde enamel pin
  • The Howling notebook
  • Frankenstein’s Monsters tote bag
  • Art print “The Great Old One” by @further_up (Instagram) and you can see more on their website (
  • Magnetic bookmark “The Night King of Pop” – my personal favorite of this month’s box!


Next month, October, is their anniversary box! So excited to see what they’re cooking up for us. I’m sure it won’t disappoint (never does).

The November boxes go on sale Sunday (October 1st!), so be sure to use @kingandcoffee‘s code for a discount: KINGCOFFEE15


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