Political Justice – Dennis Carstens

Happy belated release day!

Thanks to Smith Publicity for the advanced copy in exchange for my honest review.

POLITICAL JUSTICE by Dennis Carstens (released on October 1st)


My Thoughts: 4/5 stars!

Are you a fan of political thrillers? Are you a fan of House of Cards? Well, POLITICAL JUSTICE by Dennis Carstens is about a politically ambitious couple and they’re going to stop at nothing to reach their goal – the presidency. I was really excited to see this was by a fellow Minnesotan, and I’ll always love a good political thriller or some political fiction.

Enter the politically cut throat couple that is Thomas Jefferson Carver and Darla Bunton Carver. His charm and charisma have made him a popular governor, while Darla is the brains behind the operation. What’s their goal? For Darla to surpass her husband and become the first woman President.

This definitely is full of House of Cards vibes, with the twist that Darla wants to become the President of the United States. It always amazes me how much goes into campaigns and how much there is to cover up. Anything can become a scandal when you’re running for president. There is a lot to cover up in Thomas’ past – everything from numerous affairs, money scandals, treason, and even reaching to homicide cover ups and murders. There’s a little bit of everything thrown at the Carvers. As if the scandals weren’t the most dangerous part, their followers with blind devotion can cause the most problems.

I loved the characters and the writing. I didn’t realize this was part of a series until after I had finished it (saw on Goodreads), so it definitely reads as a standalone. This is a well-written and tense legal thriller meets political thriller. Lawyer Marc Kadella is thrown into the mix and begins to pose a threat to everything that the Carvers have fought for.

Overall, if legal and political thrillers are what you’re after, then this is the next one you need to pick up!


I can’t be the only one that likes political and legal thrillers…what are some others that you’ve enjoyed?



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