The Hanging Girl – Eileen Cook

Happy belated release day!

Thanks to HMH Kids for the advanced copy in exchange for my honest review!

THE HANGING GIRL by Eileen Cook (released yesterday, October 3rd)


My Thoughts: 3.5/5 stars!

When I read the synopsis for THE HANGING GIRL by Eileen Cook I was immediately intrigued. Tarot cards, psychic readings, finding a missing girl, and all behind it is a teenage girl. Who doesn’t like supernatural elements mixed in with solving a mystery?

Candi Thorn, or Skye as she’s better known, has a love-hate relationship with her eccentric mother. Her mother is a psychic, reads auras, and communicates with the dead – while Skye doesn’t possess this skill she still cons the cheerleaders and other students at her school into paying her for fake tarot card readings. She has one goal and one goal only, to leave her small Michigan town and reunite with her best friend in New York. She definitely doesn’t have the cash to do so, but when she is presented with an opportunity she can’t refuse, things begin to go sideways.

She’ll have to kidnap the local judge’s daughter, Paige. He is offering up a huge ransom, which will result in her getting $12,000 – she just has to use her psychic abilities to help the police find Paige. Well nothing ever goes according to plan because the judge refuses to pay the random and then Paige is found – dead. Is Skye more involved that she seems to be? What happened to Paige?

Eileen Cook did a great job making Skye feel like a real teenage girl. The relationship with her mother is what gives her a more realistic feel and a dynamic that some us can relate to. The humor in this is such a contrast the incredibly dark and eerie storyline. Keep in mind that this is from the narration of a teenage girl, so it is definitely a more YA supernatural mystery.

Overall, if you like the mystery element with a hint of YA supernatural themes, then you’ll love this book! It was a quick and enjoyable read with memorable characters.


I’m rather enjoying my combo of mug and book for this photo.



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