#allthebookreviews – The Rift Uprising by Amy S. Foster

Do you ever have a book where it started out promising, but then it ended up not being a good fit for you? That’s what keeps this so interesting and a great reason to read a diverse amount of genres.

Thanks to the publisher for the copies in exchange for our honest reviews!


Here’s what the #allthebookreviews duo thought.


Chandra’s Thoughts: DNF

Sometimes books just don’t work for some readers and that was the case for me here. The plot was interesting enough but then I lost interest. I realize a lot of YA novels have that instalove plot. Sometimes I don’t mind, sometimes I do. In this case, I had a hard time putting my head around a girl, at 17, who wanted another download into her brain so she could have sex with a guy she just met. No. Sorry. I gave it a good go and decided not to finish.

No stars, no rating, DNF.

My Thoughts: 2/5 stars

There will always be books where you just didn’t mesh well with them. Unfortunately, for RIFT UPRISING by Amy S. Foster, that was the case. I haven’t DNF a book this year and I was determined to push through.

I’ll keep this short – this book started off interesting and definitely had some great potential! It lost me at the insta-love between the characters. Why is this always such a popular thing? Then having sex be the main drive and motivation for the main character was weird. I wasn’t expecting that when I heard this was considered a YA novel.

I did enjoy bits and pieces, like The Rift, which was a portal for aliens and humans to use to travel through different multiverses. So there was a small chunk of sci-fi mixed in there.

Overall, this book had great potential with the plot, however it doesn’t do a great job of keeping the reader’s interest. I know this is probably another one of those YA novels that people will be split on, but when it came down to it, I think it was more book and reader mismatch.


What was a book that just didn’t mesh well with you?



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