The Girl Who Lived – Christopher Greyson

Happy belated release day!

Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for the advanced ebook copy in exchange for my honest review.

THE GIRL WHO LIVED by Christopher Greyson (released November 4th, 2017)

This was my second book by Greyson, and I was not disappointed.


My Thoughts: 4/5 stars!

I’ve read one other book by Christopher Greyson (JACK OF HEARTS) and despite it being part way into a series, I really enjoyed his writing style and the pacing of the mystery! So when I saw this new standalone novel out I had to request it.

A decade ago, four people were brutally murdered, but one girl lived. As the anniversary of the murders is approaching, Faith Winters is finally released for a psychiatric ward. Unfortunately, she is brought back to her home town – the last place on Earth she wants to be. She is grief stricken with survivor’s guilt and this has made her spiral into alcoholism and self-destruction. With the pressure of no one believing her story, thinking she’s unhinged, suicidal,and a dangerous drinker, she decides to find her sister’s killer. As she begins her search, so begins to realize that she’s not the only one doing the hunting – this turns into a cat and mouse thriller as there’s a race to find the killer before the killer finds her.

I don’t want to give away anymore information than that! This was a fast read and I kept turning the pages to see who was the killer. So many people, even Faith, were suspects and it wasn’t one you could figure out right away. Greyson’s writing is great – it pulls in the reader right away. The loose ends get tied together well for the ending and I enjoyed it. I’ll always be a fan of the more cat and mouse thrillers and mysteries because it keeps the suspense up throughout.

Overall, if you want a fast cat and mouse thriller, then look no further! Murders, a sole survivor who saw the killer, and everyone doubting her. You get the unreliable narrator vibes in this one as well – is she the witness or the killer?


Do you like the cat and mouse thrillers?



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