Hollow Man & Dominic – Mark Pryor

Here’s the rare dual review post!

Thanks to Prometheus Books for the copy of HOLLOW MAN and the advanced copy of DOMINIC in exchange for my honest reviews.


DOMINIC (Released January 2nd, 2018)

Chandra and I included DOMINIC in our #allthebookreviews 2018 line up! Our reviews are coming later today 🙂


HOLLOW MAN – My Thoughts: 4/5 stars!

We are introduced to Dominic. He’s the perfect anti-hero lead character for a new twist on a crime series/thriller. HOLLOW MAN by Mark Pryor introduces us to Dominic – he’s an Englishman living in Texas and he’s a prosecutor, a musician, and a psychopath. He wants to live a seemingly normal life without that secret getting out.

Dominic is trying to lead a normal life. He just wants to pay off his debts and follow his true passion: becoming a full time musician. He has to carefully calculate all of his movements and reactions to appear like everyone else, but when he is demoted at work and is accused by a fellow musician of stealing his song, that foundation begins to chip away.

He crosses paths with a woman in a lime green dress and she changes his life. She convinces him to commit a theft of a van that contains more than enough money to solve his problems. He gathers a team to help him, but things go south fast. A simply robbery turned into murder. Will Dominic stick by his partners or let his true self through and cross them?

I will always love being able to dive into the mind of a psychopath. Dominic is such an intriguing character and I thought that Mark Pryor did a great job bringing him to life. I had read one other book by Pryor and I really enjoy his writing style. This is a crime series that I’m looking forward to continuing! With book two coming I’m excited to be able to dive right into it.

Overall, if you want a crime thriller/series with a different perspective, then HOLLOW MAN is one you should definitely check out!

DOMINIC – My Thoughts: 4.5/5 stars!

DOMINIC is book two in the Hollow Man series by Mark Pryor. While this could be read as a standalone, I would recommend reading HOLLOW MAN. You’ll definitely get to know Dominic much better this way!

Dominic is an Englishman living in Texas. He’s a musician and a prosecutor – what no one else knows is that he’s also a psychopath. Only two other people in his life know this about him and what he has been able to get away with. The special woman in Dominic’s life and her younger brother, Bobby. Bobby and Dominic have one thing in common, they are both psychopaths.

When a detective starts to dig around in the past crimes that Dominic had committed things start to get stirred up. Bobby offers to help permanently solve the problem, but Dominic tries as best he can to convince Bobby to leave the detective alone. Psychopaths aren’t known for their impulse control or for following instructions.

I loved book one and I think this second installment was even better! You get to dive into the minds of two psychopaths and see how they tick and what makes them differ from each other. You definitely get more information from the first book when it comes to the crimes that Detective Megan Ledsome is digging up.

Overall, if you want a good crime thriller with an anti-hero as the main character, then you’ll want to dive into DOMINIC (like I previously mentioned, I think reading HOLLOW MAN first would be best). There are some twists throughout the book and I really enjoyed Pryor’s writing style.

What do you think of crime series where it’s from the perspective of an anti-hero?



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