Into the Black Nowhere – Meg Gardiner

Happy release day to this highly anticipated follow up to UNSUB!

Thanks to Dutton Books for the advanced copy in exchange for my honest review.


Make sure to check back for the collective #CJSReads thoughts – we all loved UNSUB and we were excited to see where this one would go!


My Thoughts: 5/5 stars!

I read UNSUB last year with the #CJSReads trio, and of course we had to read book two! I absolutely loved UNSUB. Serial killer thrillers are some of my favorite and I loved the Zodiac similarities in the novel. Now FBI Agent Caitlin Hendrix is back and has been newly assigned to the elite Behavioral Analysis Unit within the FBI. With a new serial killer on the loose in Austin, she must race against the clock to stop them before more lives are claimed.

Southern Texas has been plagued with women being abducted. On Saturday nights women have disappearing – from their homes, cars, and outside of theaters. The first victim is found in the woods and the second victim is found further into the woods. Both are dressed in white nighties and are surrounded by Polaroid photos of a woman posed like Snow White (when waiting for her Prince to save her with a kiss) in a white negligee with her wrists slit.

In order to catch him Caitlin must dive into the mind of this killer. She tries to figure out his pattern and how the women are selected. Her profile leads the FBI to focus on a man that is charismatic and a successful businessman. Their main problem is that there is no physical evidence to link him to the murders, so they have to let him go. As Saturday approaches the FBI is in a cat and mouse race to catch the killer before another body is discovered.

Just like with book one this one had me sucked in from the beginning! Whenever the author pulls the reader into the mind of a sociopath serial killer it grabs my attention. The comparisons to Ted Bundy are so apparent that it’s almost eerie. The handsome and charismatic man that pulls in his victims by making them feel safe with his charm, but then brutally kills them.

While this one didn’t exactly pick up where the first novel left off, I think it was an interesting tactic to leave some of that open-ended going into book two and a new investigation. I can see this being frustrating to some readers, but I think the rest of the book makes up for that!

Overall, if you loved UNSUB then I highly recommend reading this one! I’m impatiently waiting for a book three now. If you want to dive into the mind of a serial killer, then this needs to be on your TBR.


What did you think of UNSUB?


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