Force of Nature – Jane Harper

Out yesterday!

Thanks to Flatiron Books for the advanced copy of this highly anticipated new release.


This is Harper’s sophomore novel and book two in the Aaron Falk series! You can check out my review for her first book, THE DRY, here.


My Thoughts: 5/5 stars!

Last year the #cjsreads trio read THE DRY (it was actually the first book we did together), so when we saw that Jane Harper was releasing her sophomore novel, and the second book in the Aaron Falk series, we had to read it!

Five colleagues go on a hike as a corporate retreat, but only four return. These five women have complicated relationships – both professionally and socially – so we’re all left wondering about what truly happened deep in the forest. Federal Police Agent Aaron Falk is very interested in this case and wants to find the missing hiker. Is Alice simply missing or is this a murder case?

This story is told through two perspectives – flashbacks to the hiking weekend and then present day during the investigation. Aaron Falk is back and I was so ready to dive into his next case. We also are introduced to his new colleague, Carmen. She adds an interesting element to the story, as she was previously investigating the company before Alice’s disappearance.

Just like with THE DRY, Jane Harper weaved us a suspense where it was near impossible to figure out the ending beforehand. There were so many elements and questions that continued to be introduced throughout the investigation that there were so many potential reasons for Alice’s disappearance. There was an added layer of suspense when Aaron and Carmen were taken off the case as the lead investigators. So they had to rely on the information from other detectives – which of course turns into them not having all the information.

One other element to Harper’s writing that I admire is how effortlessly she sets the scene. THE DRY had a hot, barren, and hopeless feeling landscape while FORCE OF NATURE has the reader smack-dab in the middle of a wet, humid, and overpowering forest. I love when authors can instantly transport you to any destination within a few pages.

This could definitely be read as a standalone, so if you’re wanting to dive into this one without having to read book one, go right ahead! After huge debut successes, I’m always anxious going into the sophomore novels because you don’t want to build it up too much in your mind, but it’s so hard not to. Jane Harper did not disappoint in book two and I can’t wait for more Aaron Falk.

Who else read THE DRY or FORCE OF NATURE? What did you think?





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