Blog Blitz & Review – The Hunt for the Dingo by PJ Nash

Happy blog blitz day, and belated release for PJ Nash’s THE HUNT FOR THE DINGO!

Thanks to the author and Bloodhound Books for the advanced ebook copy in exchange for my honest review! Never disappointed with the books they send me 🙂

THE HUNT FOR THE DINGO – PJ Nash (out now!)

P.J. Nash - The Hunt for the Dingo_cover_high resBook Description:

A fast paced serial killer thriller.

In the arid expanses of Australia’s red deserts, a killer is preying on British female backpackers. Dubbed ‘The Dingo’ by the media, he stalks his prey then disappears without a trace.

In a bid to catch the man responsible, the local police call on the talents of Melbourne’s finest, ex British cop, Lawrence James and leading criminal psychologist Jesse Sandersen.

Meanwhile, James has unfinished business with Melbourne crime kingpin, Cyrus Bain, a gangster who will do whatever it takes to stay out of jail.

When another young girl disappears, it is a race against time to catch the killer.

Can James bring The Dingo to justice?

Will he escape with his life intact?

In their hunt for the murderer, James and Sandersen unearth some disturbing secrets that many would rather remain buried.


My Thoughts: 4/5 stars!

I always look forward to books from Bloodhound because they’re always so fast and ones that I probably never would have heard of if browsing on my own. THE HUNT FOR THE DINGO is book one in a new series and I can’t wait to see where P.J. Nash takes this series.

Set in Australia, there is a killer on the loose that is targeting British backpackers and they’re always female. The media dubbed him “The Dingo” because of his methods – stalking his prey and then disappearing without a single clue left behind. Melbourne’s finest are on the case, Detective Lawrence James, and criminal psychologist, Jesse Sandersen.

They’re in a race against time when another woman is taken, on their trail to The Dingo they begin to unearth some shocking secrets that should have remained buried. Are they putting their lives in danger in order to catch this elusive killer?

In true form, this is another fast pace thriller. While there are a lot of characters introduced at the beginning, which can be a little chaotic at first, the author does a good job developing them. Who doesn’t love a good serial killer novel set in a desolate and hopeless feeling area? Nash does a fantastic job setting the scene for the readers. As someone that has never been to Australia, I felt like I was there.

I will definitely be looking for more from Nash in the future!


About the Author:

P.J Nash was born in Nuneaton, Warwickshire, the birthplace of George Eliot and Shakespeare, respectively. Not surprisingly he decided he’d like to be a writer too.

After studying history and working in PR for a few years, he was running a second hand bookshop, when wanderlust and destiny in the form of his future wife took him to Prague.

During his time behind the counter in the shop and travelling on trams between English lessons he wrote his first crime novel, The Hunt for the Dingo featuring maverick British expat cop , Lawrence James and and his hunt for a serial killer in Australia. On his return to the UK, he drew on his Bohemian adventures to write his second crime novel featuring Lawrence James and his co-investigator, Dr Jessie Sandersen.  He currently lives on a narrowboat with his wife Clare and grumpy cat, Lulu.

In his past life P.J. Nash was a Special Constable for the Warkwickshire police.

Nash is also a member of the CWA and International Thriller Writers.

Author Links:

Twitter: @PJNash2


Thanks again for the blog blitz spot! Don’t forget to check out the other awesome blogs to see their reviews!


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