Sometimes I Lie – Alice Feeney

This highly anticipated thriller debut is out TOMORROW!

Thanks to Flatiron Books for the advanced copy in exchange for my honest review.

SOMETIMES I LIE – Alice Feeney

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My Thoughts: 5/5 stars!

So this is one of those upcoming releases that has generated a lot of buzz around it. You try not to get too carried away in it and then have your expectations not be met, but let me tell you, I was not disappointed!

“My name is Amber Reynolds. There are three things you should know about me:
1. I’m in a coma
2. My husband doesn’t love me anymore
3. Sometimes I lie”

I’m already intrigued to start. The book starts with Amber discovering she’s in a coma. How did she get there? What happened to her? Why is her husband not with her? So many questions! We go back and forth between the present, in the comas, and the past leading up to the accident.

This book needs to be gone into spoiler free and with minimal information. You will be guessing until the very end. What’s the truth and what’s the lie? Which characters can we trust? Alice Feeney has an incredible debut here and I can’t wait for more from her. Make sure you clear out some time before you start, at just around 250 pages, you won’t want to stop!


What did you think of this one??


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