TLC Book Tours – If I Die Tonight by Alison Gaylin

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Thanks to William Morrow and TLC Book Tours for the advanced copy in exchange for my honest review.

IF I DIE TONIGHT – Alison Gaylin (out now!)

If I Die Tonight cover

Book Description:

Reminiscent of the bestsellers of Laura Lippman and Harlan Coben—with a dose of Big Little Lies or Stranger Things—an absorbing, addictive tale of psychological suspense from the author of the highly acclaimed and Edgar Award-nominated What Remains of Me and the USA Today bestselling and Shamus Award-winning Brenna Spector series, in which a seemingly open-and-shut police case with a clear-cut hero and villain turns out to be anything but simple.

Late one night in the quiet Hudson Valley town of Havenkill, a distraught woman stumbles into the police station—and lives are changed forever.

Aimee En, once a darling of the ’80s pop music scene, claims that a teenage boy stole her car, then ran over another young man who’d rushed to help.

As Liam Miller’s life hangs in the balance, the events of that fateful night begin to come into focus. But is everything as it seems?

The case quickly consumes social media, transforming Liam, a local high school football star, into a folk hero, and the suspect, a high school outcast named Wade Reed, into a depraved would-be killer. But is Wade really guilty? And if he isn’t, why won’t he talk?

Told from a kaleidoscope of viewpoints—Wade’s mother Jackie, his younger brother Connor, Aimee En and Pearl Maze, a young police officer with a tragic past, If I Die Tonight is a story of family ties and dark secrets—and the lengths we’ll go to protect ourselves.


My Thoughts: 4/5 stars!

This was my introduction to Alison Gaylin. I had heard great things about her other works, so I was ready to dive into IF I DIE TONIGHT. How could I not be intrigued with “By the time you read this, I’ll be dead” on the cover?

When a woman stumbles into the police station of Havenkill, a quiet town in the Hudson Valley, things will never be the same. Aimee En tells a story of a teenage boy stealing her car and then running over a man that came to her rescue. Liam Miller, the football star that came to her aid, is clinging to life and as the details come out, things aren’t as they seem.

Throw in the influence of social media and you have two young boys’ lives being looked at under a microscope. Liam is the town hero and the all star football player for their high school. While Wade Reed, the suspect, is portrayed as the outcast that was out for blood. The only problem? Wade isn’t talking – if he’s innocent, why won’t he cooperate?

We get to see through the eyes of many different characters in this novel. That of Jackie Reed, Wade’s mother, her son Connor, Aimee En, and then Pearl Maze (the investigating police officer). While this is a great suspense and crime mystery read, this also dives into the relationships of the characters and examines just how far you’re willing to go to protect yourself and those you love.

I didn’t expect that chilling ending or some of the little twists thrown in. The pacing might be a little on the slower side for those searching for a break-neck pace in their thrillers. I really enjoyed the writing and the journey that Gaylin brought us on and I will definitely be picking up more of her work!

Alison Gaylin AP Photo by Franco Vogt

About the Author:

Alison Gaylin is the award-winning author of Hide Your Eyes and its sequel, You Kill Me; the standalones Trashed and Heartless; and the Brenna Spector series: And She Was, Into the Dark, and Stay with Me. A graduate of Northwestern University and of Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism, she lives with her husband and daughter in Woodstock, New York.

Find out more about Alison at her website, friend her on Facebook, or follow her on Twitter.

Where to Purchase a Copy!

HarperCollins | Amazon | Barnes & Noble

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