Hollywood North – Sam Wiebe

Cranking out the hard boiled crime novels of David Wakeland!

Thanks to Quercus Books for the free Kindle copy on Amazon.

HOLLYWOOD NORTH – Sam Wiebe (out now!)

The next short installment in the David Wakeland series!


My Thoughts: 5/5 stars!

So this is a short story, and by short, I mean less than 50 pages. So I’m going to try and not go into TOO much detail and ruin the story. David Wakeland is back and has been hired to track down a screenwriter of a popular sitcom in Vancouver. When Paul Ling is found – dead of an overdose in a stranger’s home – Wakeland smells foul play. In order to solve the mystery, he’ll have to weave through the world of television and the cutthroat competition that comes along with it.

I had read CUT YOU DOWN shortly before reading this one, and I was happy to have another David Wakeland mystery. It’s always fun seeing these mystery/hard boiled crime novels from the perspective of someone other than the investigating police officers. The glimpse into the world of TV was always interesting and eye-opening.

If you want a quick little mystery, then I’d highly recommend spending the hour or two reading this one. Short stories that pack a punch and get straight to it have always been something I’ve liked and admired. Well done to the authors that can do that in a short amount of pages! Then I recommend checking out the other two David Wakeland books (INVISIBLE DEAD and CUT YOU DOWN).

Are you a fan of short stories?


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