The Feed – Nick Clark Windo

More March books to catch up on! Have to sprinkle them in throughout the end of the month as we prepare for April 🙂

Thanks to William Morrow for the advanced copy in exchange for my honest review.

THE FEED – Nick Clark Windo (out now!)


My Thoughts: 4/5 stars!

Who loves dystopian novels? Who wants something a little different and more unique in this genre? Well, THE FEED by Nick Clark Windo is exactly that. It’s being compared to Mad Max meets THE GIRL WITH ALL THE GIFTS. Normally I’m not a big fan of the dystopian genre, but I really enjoyed this read!

“It makes us. It destroys us. Now we must learn to live without it.” The Feed is something that is accessible and used by everyone, everywhere, and whenever they want to/need to. It connects us to all the information and global events in live time. Everything in our lives is shared through it, including events, emotions, and images. It is something that is heavily relied on for understanding those around us – partners, friends, children, coworkers, etc.

We meet Tom and Kate. While they use The Feed, Tom has managed to resist its addictive tendencies, which causes issues with his family because his father is the one that invented it. This ends up working in their favor when the unimaginable happens: The Feed collapses. Life as the world knew it is gone. People must now scavenge to survive, find food and shelter to avoid death. We enter back into the era of common ailments becoming a death sentence because the technology to treat them is gone. Tom and Kate seem to be surviving fine until their young daughter disappears. How will they be able to find her without The Feed to aid them?

I thought this was an incredibly unique take on the end of the world premise. What would we do without technology constantly keeping us updated? With how dependent we are on technology to keep us connected I feel that this would be a very real scenario if everything stopped. If this intrigues you, then I would highly recommend picking this one up! I will definitely be looking for more from Windo in the future.


What’s your favorite dystopian novel?


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