Book Mail – The Trauma Cleaner by Sarah Krasnostein

Who else is fascinated by the work of those that clean up crime scenes and accident scenes? After reading MOP MEN I have been completely intrigued by what all goes into this line of work. You never stop to think about what happens after the crimes are committed. Who cleans up after it?

Thanks to St. Martin’s Press for the copy in exchange for my honest review!



Here’s the synopsis:

Husband, father, drag queen, sex worker, wife. You’ve got to hear Sandra’s incredible story.

Sarah Krasnostein’s The Trauma Cleaner is a love letter to an extraordinary ordinary life. In Sandra Pankhurst she discovered a woman capable of taking a lifetime of hostility and transphobic abuse and using it to care for some of society’s most in-need people. Audible’s editors fell in love with Sandra because of her warmth, humour and grace, and we think you will, too.

About the book

Sandra Pankhurst founded her trauma cleaning business to help people whose emotional scars are written on their houses. From the forgotten flat of a drug addict to the infested home of a hoarder, Sandra enters properties and lives at the same time. But few of the people she looks after know anything of the complexity of Sandra’s own life. Raised in an uncaring home, Sandra’s miraculous gift for warmth and humour in the face of unspeakable personal tragedy mark her out as a one-off and make this biography unmissable.

This is a truly unique book, taking the humanity of S-Town, the beauty of H Is for Hawk and the sensitivity of When Breath Becomes Air to create something of startling originality. Sarah gives listeners a window into a life in a way only unforgettable pieces of writing can.

Due to the nature of some of Sandra’s life experiences there are parts of the book which some listeners may find upsetting.

What do you think about this industry? It’s one of those that are never spoken about and go unnoticed in society. It’s a dirty and unsavory job, but someone’s got to do it!



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