Before I Let You In – Jenny Blackhurst

More books for April 10th! Happy belated release to this new one from Jenny Blackhurst.

Thanks to Atria Books for the advanced ebook copy in exchange for my honest review.

BEFORE I LET YOU IN – Jenny Blackhurst (out now!)

Check back later for the #allthebookreviews thoughts 🙂


My Thoughts: 4/5 stars!

BEFORE I LET YOU IN was my introduction to Jenny Blackhurst. I had heard great things about her other books, so I was ready to pick this one up! While this one is being marketed as more of a thriller, I’d probably put it more in the domestic thriller/drama end of the spectrum.

Childhood best friends, Karen, Eleanor, and Bea are now in their thirties and know everything about each other, even their secrets. They lead different lives but always remained close. Eleanor is a young wife and new mother that is struggling. Bea is loving the no responsibilities that go with the single life. Then Karen is a successful psychiatrist that feels like the glue that holds the group together.

Things begin to get rocky when she takes on a new patient, Jessica. She seems to know more than she should about the three friends. The problem that Karen continues to run into is the patient confidentiality between her and Jessica. How is she supposed to find out more about her if she can’t share anything?

Jenny Blackhurst knows how to write and tell a story. There’s absolutely no doubt about that! There was a good amount of suspense to the story and had a great pace throughout. Just enough keep you pulled in. While some thriller fans might have the ending figured out early, there are still some good twists and turns. If you like the more domestic drama type thrillers, then this will be one you’ll want to pick up!


What should I pick up next from Jenny Blackhurst?


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