The Trauma Cleaner – Sarah Krasnostein

Out yesterday!

Thanks to St. Martin’s Press for the copy in exchange for my honest review.


I don’t read many memoirs or biographies, but this is such an interesting and foreign topic to me that I couldn’t say no!


My Thoughts: 4/5 stars!

Who else is intrigued by crime scenes? Have you ever wondered who cleans up after the bodies have been taken away and all evidence removed? THE TRAUMA CLEANER is about a woman that made that her business. Author, Sarah Kranostein, brings us into Sandra Pankhurst’s life and her business.

Due to the experiences Sandra has had throughout her life there may be parts that won’t be for all readers. Sandra’s past includes stories of abuse, life as a sex worker, rape, and a sex change operation. Not to mention the crime scenes that she cleans. So this definitely isn’t one to read for those that are squeamish.

Krasnostein followed Sandra over the course of four years. She got to observe the cleaning processes at different scenes and got to hear stories on how some of them triggered memories from Pankhurst’s complicated past. It was very interesting seeing the scenes from an observer’s standpoint as opposed to seeing it directly from the cleaner’s eyes. There were some fluidity issues I had, more so the pacing, but otherwise this was an incredibly interesting read. The way life events can lead you to where you are today – Sandra experienced trauma and wanted to help clean up the trauma in other people’s homes.

If this line of work intrigues you, then I’d recommend picking this one up. Just remember there are many other topics covered through the stories from Sandra’s life.


Does anyone have any other nonfiction books about this line of work they enjoyed? I have MOP MEN that I’m anxious to get to!



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