Liar’s Candle – August Thomas

Happy belated release day to this new political and espionage thriller!

Thanks to Scribner for the advanced copy in exchange for my honest review.

LIAR’S CANDLE – August Thomas (out now!)

This was a great political thriller! I love the espionage elements and this was a fun and quick read.


My Thoughts: 4/5 stars!

If you have followed my reviews for awhile, then you know how much I love political thrillers. Anything with some espionage thrown in will have my attention. With my senior projects in college being about espionage, this is an element I will always love having in with the thriller genre. LIAR’S CANDLE includes a terrorist attack on a US Embassy, the lone survivor running from the Turkish forces as well as from her own government, all while trying to figure out what actually happened that day.

Penny is an intern at the US Embassy in Turkey. On the morning of July 5th, she wakes up in a hospital bed and finds herself to be in the middle of an international crisis. On July 4th, there was a terrorist attack on the Embassy – leaving hundreds of employees dead. Penny seems to be one of the only survivors and those in charge think that she is their only witness. Penny has no recollection of what happened and is struggling to keep up with all that is happening around her.

Everything changes when she discovers that the US government wants her dead. She must now try to evade her own government as well as the Turkish forces. Will she be able to get to the bottom of this before they catch up with her?

LIAR’S CANDLE has the research and experience behind it. That made it feel a lot more plausible and real. The elements that go into espionage and their investigations are always fun to get pulled through. Thomas has just enough suspense and action to keep you turning those pages to see what will happen to Penny! If you like branching out into the political thrillers, then this is one that has to be on your TBR. The writing is great, the action is there, and Penny is a great protagonist It was so fun to see her grow throughout the novel from a naive and confused girl to a young woman finding her strength and bravery in order to survive.


What are some other political thrillers that you’ve enjoyed?



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    1. Ahhh!! You should give it a try. I know people aren’t fans of it, but give one a chance. I studied International Relations, so these catch my eye right away. Three Minutes to Doomsday is about real events but it reads as a work of fiction!

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