Book Mail – Hobbs’s Horrific Arts & Gifts by Wendy Drinkwater

So, is this not the best cover? Little monsters and a book of horror – talk about a winning combination!

A big thank you to the author for sending me a copy in exchange for my honest review.

HOBBS’S HORRIFIC ARTS & GIFTS – Wendy Drinkwater (out now)

Always need some more horror in the TBR 🙂


Here’s the synopsis:

Jasper Hobbs is an expert in all things creepy. Growing up on the sets of his grandfather’s horror movies, Jasper was imbued with knowledge of the dark and scary, and as the owner of Hobbs’s Horrific Arts and Gifts, he is now the purveyor of the finest horror products around.

Fresh from a breakup, Jasper is dismayed to learn that his ex-girlfriend Tabatha has joined the occult group known as the Children of Olen. The group is named after one of his grandfather’s films—one remembered for the deadly fire on the set that prevented it from being completed.

When a vicious attack is committed by figures wearing costumes from Jasper’s store, attention quickly turns to the shop and its owner. But when Tabatha claims she is in great danger, Jasper realizes that there is more to the story of his grandfather’s doomed film and its ties to the Children of Olen than he imagined.

Now Jasper must do whatever it takes to stop the cult from striking again, even if it means risking his beloved horror shop. As he is forced to face brutal truths about the past, Jasper must question his deepest beliefs and the people he loves.


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