Alter Ego – Brian Freeman

I’m just holding out for Friday to be here sooner. So many books to catch up on reviewing!

Thanks to Quercus Books for the advanced copy in exchange for my honest review.

ALTER EGO – Brian Freeman (out now!)

This is the ninth installment in the Jonathan Stride series.


My Thoughts: 5/5 stars!

A thriller set in the tundra that is Minnesota, you say? This is a no-brainer! It’s so rare that books are set in Minnesota, so whenever I find one I need to grab it. ALTER EGO by Brian Freeman takes place in Duluth, MN and he does a fantastic job putting the reader in the awful freezing temperatures that we endure every year.

Jonathan Stride takes on a case of a freak car accident that killed one of the drivers. Seems like a pretty simple case, but the victim isn’t who their ID claims they are. With a ghost identity, Stride has his work cut out for him – and to complicate things there is a gun found in the trunk. When a college student in Duluth goes missing, he worries that these two cases are potentially related.

To complicate things, his investigation brings him to the film set. The movie is one about a case in Stride’s past and he discovers that an award-winning actor is portraying him. As he digs deeper to find the missing college student, he begins to hear more about his alter ego and dark secrets he wouldn’t want getting out.

I know all of us book lovers really enjoy a book within a book, but I will say that I enjoyed this movie within a book just as much. Having the two Jonathan Strides made for an interesting read and it helped build the suspense throughout! Who is the victim of the car crash? Where is the girl? How is his “alter ego” involved in all of this?

I really enjoyed Freeman’s writing style – he pulls you in from the first chapter and the pacing stayed consistent throughout the mystery. He does a fantastic job dropping the reader into the cold winters of Duluth, MN (a place I know very well!). I will be picking up books 1-8 to get to know Stride more and see his old cases – maybe even the one the film is about??

Have you read this series yet?



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