The Crooked Staircase – Dean Koontz

Who else is behind on reading Dean Koontz? I hadn’t read anything of his until I picked up THE SILENT CORNER (book one in the Jane Hawk series). Well, Chandra and I have continued with the series and I’ve been loving it!

Thanks to Bantam Books and Random House for the advanced copies in exchange for my honest review.

THE CROOKED STAIRCASE – Dean Koontz (out now)

You definitely need to start with book one in order to understand a lot in this book. Book one is THE SILENT CORNER and book two is THE WHISPERING ROOM.


My Thoughts: 5/5 stars!

So my partner reader, Chandra, and I have been in this series from book one. We both have been on the same page as far as which books we’ve enjoyed. I know a lot of people, us included, were a little bummed with book two. I promise you, THE CROOKED STAIRCASE is worth continuing with the series! Dean Koontz was setting everything up for this third installment and we both loved it!

We get a story told in five parts from different perspectives. If you’ve followed my reviews then you’ll know this is a writing style and choice that I love. The readers get more from Jane’s son, Travis, and get to see how this is all affecting his life. With Jane still on the run to get more information on these supposed suicides, the action and suspense ramps up. I agree with Chandra, the end of part four. Holy crap! I’m telling you, this is so worth picking up and continuing with the series.

Jane Hawk is strong female lead that we don’t see much of in these types of action thrillers. I love her and seeing her progress throughout the series. I can’t wait for book four in the series! I need to know what’s going to happen. Will she ever find out what’s going on? You’ll find yourself flying through this 500+ page novel like it’s nothing.


What Dean Koontz book should I pick up next?



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