The Remnant & Existence Augmented – Channing Whitaker

Am I the only one that didn’t know novelette was a thing? I absolutely love that!

A big thank you to the author for the copies in exchange for my honest reviews.

THE REMNANT – Channing Whitaker (out yesterday!)

EXISTENCE AUGMENTED – Channing Whitaker (Releasing May 28th, 2018)


My Thoughts:

THE REMNANT: 5/5 stars

This was a quick little horror read and at just under 60 pages this was able to pack a punch. I love when authors are able to successfully do that in a short amount of time.

We follow a former best-selling author who is desperately trying to get that new hit again. He is told that his aunt has passed away and everything was left to him. So he heads out to her home and begins writing a story – one that he never thought would be read. What he doesn’t realize is that the monster he unleashes within the pages of his book, would end up coming to life.

This had the right amount of creepy and the right amount suspense. If you want a horror story you can finish in under an hour, then this is one to add to the list! THE REMNANT is perfect to throw into the TBR this summer.


Now, I’m not normally the best audience for dystopian or sci-fi novels, but with this being a novelette I figured it would be a good one to try! EXISTENCE AUGMENTED had plenty of suspense and a hint of psychological thriller to it, which is perfect for me!

Humans are unable to survive without living technological compounds. Alden is an engineering genius and has been living with his wife in his hydroponics garden. They have made a kind of oasis for themselves and are able to survive, but then one day all of that is threatened when the power begins to fail them.

I think the smaller doses with sci-fi are the way to go for me. Sometimes I get lost in a lot of plots or they all seem to mesh together. This was unique and had the perfect amount of psychological thriller to it. If you’re a fan of the dystopian themes, then this will be a good read to throw into your day.


What do you think of novellas and novelettes? Do you prefer more to your stories or do you like a quick read that packs a punch?






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