Splinter in the Blood – Ashley Dyer

Happy belated release to this incredible crime fiction/thriller debut!

Thanks to William Morrow for the free advanced copy in exchange for my honest review

SPLINTER IN THE BLOOD – Ashley Dyer (out now!)

Check back later for the #allthebookreviews thoughts on this one 🙂


My Thoughts: 5/5 stars!

Whenever a new crime series comes out I’m always excited to be able to start from the beginning. SPLINTER IN THE BLOOD is book one to the Carver and Lake series, and man, talk about a debut. Ashley Dyer brings us a psychotic serial killer, gruesome murders, and a web of deceit as one detective tries her best to keep her secrets hidden.

Detective Greg Carver is found shot in his own home, and he is found by his partner, Ruth Lake. Why was she there? Why did she rearrange the crime scene, remove items, and wipe down all of the surfaces she touched? They suspect this is the work of the serial killer, dubbed the Thorn Killer, that Carver has been hunting down. By some kind of miracle, Carver survives, but when he wakes up in the hospital he has no memory of what happened.

Now Ruth is lead investigator on the Thorn Killer case, but she is willing to risk everything to keep her secrets hidden. Even if that means sacrificing her career, colleagues, and even more victims. What does she know? What truly happened to her partner that night?

There are so many questions throughout this thriller and Dyer did a fantastic job pulling the reader along. Despite being a 400 page book, I flew through it. The short chapters and changing perspectives keep the pacing up and pages flipping. We get to see through the eyes of Lake, Carver, and the Thorn Killer. I am always a fan of diving into the minds of the serial killers in these types of books, especially when the killer has such a unique method of torturing their victims. Tattooing them for days on end with a poisoned thorn. The suspense will hit you from page one and not let up until the explosive ending!

I can’t wait for more for Dyer about Carver and Lake!


What’s the most unique way you’ve seen for a serial killer to torture or kill their victims? (Great, wholesome question lol)


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