Little Sister – Isabel Ashdown

Today is my Instagram tour date with TLC Book Tours, but I just had to share my review with you right away 🙂

Thanks to Kensington Books and TLC Book Tours for the free copy in exchange for my honest review.

LITTLE SISTER – Isabel Ashdown (out now!)

This twisty and suspenseful read will have you glued to those pages!


My Thoughts: 4/5 stars!

The newest release from Isabel Ashdown, LITTLE SISTER, is a twisty and suspenseful read! At its core, this is about sibling rivalry and the secrets we bury deep from those we love most. Do we every truly know those that we are closest to?

Two sisters, Emily and Jess, have been estranged for almost two decades. They’re only reunited after their mother’s death when they both attend the funeral. This turns into Jess living with Emily, her husband James, her stepdaughter Chloe, and her infant daughter Daisy. Jess is there to take care of Daisy for Emily while she works as well as other various house work and cooking. On New Year’s Eve, James and Emily leave for a party and when they come back they discover Jess passed out on the floor, and the worst part? Daisy is gone.

Needless to say, there is plenty of drama and suspense throughout this book. I don’t want to give away anymore for fear of spoilers because there are plenty of shocks as the book progresses. We switch between Emily and Jess’ perspectives and we get glimpses into their childhood together. All the events culminating in the turning point in their relationship and what caused the 16 year absence in each other’s lives.

Family drama, secrets, a missing baby, and a sense of dread will have you flipping through the chapters to see what will happen next. What happened to baby Daisy? Who is responsible? Can the sisters truly trust each other? Make sure to continue into the Epilogue for more details and another surprise!


What are some of your favorite family drama/suspense novels?





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