Bad (Mad, Bad, and Dangerous to Know #2)- Chloe Esposito

This was one of my more highly anticipated reads for the summer!

Thanks to Dutton Books #PRHPartner for the free advanced copy in exchange for my honest review.

BAD – Chloe Esposito (Releasing July 24th, 2018)

This is book two in the MAD, BAD, AND DANGEROUS TO KNOW trilogy. I loved MAD and you can see my 5 star review here!


My Thoughts: 5/5 stars!

Last year I read and loved MAD, which is book one in this trilogy. So when I saw BAD was releasing I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a copy. I read this book in about 5 hours and it would have been less if I didn’t have adult responsibilities (groceries and dog food just couldn’t wait though). This had all the elements that I loved about book one and I can’t wait to see how the trilogy ends.

We are back with Alvina Knightly – Alvie. We pick up right where book one left off and Alvie finds herself in an undesirable position. On the run and trying to track down a hitman seems pretty simple, right? Without giving away any spoilers, this one is just as action packed as book one. Alvie is still vulgar, hilarious, authentic, and full of bad decisions that luck seems to get her out of (in some cases).

While the book does have a kind of summary at the beginning, I highly recommend reading book one. You’ll get to know her better and the events that happen are too good to miss! You’ll get to see what exactly got her in the compromising position she’s in. Alvie is flawed and feels so authentic. I’ve definitely had thoughts and conversations like she does. Her haikus throughout are fantastic and there’s no shortage of swearing and sex.

If you’re looking for a quick and action-packed read with some hilarity and a great female lead, then this series should be on your list! Now the waiting game starts for book three -after that surprise ending I’ll be impatiently waiting.


Who has read book one or two? I would love to discuss!


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