Scream All Night – Derek Milman

Happy Monday! Talk about a great day to talk about a dark YA novel.

Thanks to Balzer and Bray for the free ebook copy in exchange for my honest review.

SCREAM ALL NIGHT – Derek Milman (out now!)

Who doesn’t love a book about a B-rated horror film production company?

My Thoughts: 4/5 stars!

When I read the synopsis for Derek Milman’s SCREAM ALL NIGHT I was immediately intrigued! On the surface, this sounded like a book about a son returning to the life he left behind years ago, the life of a kid living in a castle that was the home to a horror film production company. This was so much more than that!

Dario is about to turn 18 years old and has been living in a group home for last 6 years. Due to his home life, he became emancipated at the age of 12 and left home for good, or so he thought. When his much older brother, Oren, calls him to inform him of his father’s upcoming funeral, against his better judgment, Dario agrees to go for the day. Little did he know he was about to get sucked back into the world of Moldavia.

It was so interesting to me to see into the world of a horror film production company and what all went into making these films. While none of them were mainstream hits, they all had their cult followings, especially one that Dario starred in and was part of the reason why he left. We get flashbacks sprinkled throughout the present day events and this gives us a glimpse into the abuse and disturbing things that Dario had to endure at the hands of his mentally ill mother and his production obsessed father.

I loved the different characters – Dario, Oren, Hayley, Jude – they all had their own unique voices and were well-developed. Poor Dario, the stress he is thrust into seems overwhelming especially considering the dynamic of life within the walls of Moldavia.

If you’re looking for a book that’s more on the darker side of YA with some disturbing family dysfunction, then I would highly recommend this book. It lets us peek behind the curtain of horror movie production while bringing us into the middle of the unique lifestyle and “family” dynamic that resides within Moldavia.

What’s a darker YA book you’ve enjoyed recently?


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