Black Klansman – Ron Stallworth

When I was over at Leah’s house (better known as Kingandcoffee on Instagram) on Friday, we watched the trailer for the movie again and I agreed with her, definitely need to read this book before seeing the movie.

BLACK KLANSMAN – Ron Stallworth

I’m anxious to go see the movie now that I’ve read it! I know it’s based on this story, so I’m curious to see what Spike Lee has in store for us!


My Thoughts: 5/5 stars!

It’s really hard to try and review this without giving away most of the story. We get transported to Colorado Springs in the late 70’s as Ron Stallworth begins his career as the first black detective with CSPD. We get some background as he rises through the ranks and gets to where he wants to be – in undercover investigations. One day he comes across a classifieds ad with a PO Box address for the local Ku Klux Klan chapter. Stallworth decides to send them a letter with a convincing note as to why he wants to join the KKK and a phone number in order to contact him.

This begins an incredible undercover investigation that had two officers operating as one. Ron Stallworth was two separate people when it came to this investigation. The black officer that initiated contact and did all phone conversations, and then the Ron Stallworth that would meet face-to-face with the members of the Colorado Springs KKK (an undercover narcotics officer, Chuck). It absolutely amazes me how they were able to pull this off and successfully fool so many people up the chain in this organization – all the way up to David Duke himself.

I will say that I really knew next to nothing about the KKK, besides what we were taught in school. So this was very eye-opening for me to read because Stallworth did a great job sprinkling in background information for us (on the people/historical figures involved and the state’s history with the KKK), which I really appreciated. This helped set the tone for the story and also added the necessary layers to fully understand how monumental his investigation was.

I’m a huge fan of anything historical, fiction and nonfiction alike, but sometimes memoirs and I don’t get along. This one, however, was such a fast read! I think I finished this in just under two hours. I highly recommend this captivating story to those who love true crime and to those who are curious as to how Ron Stallworth made history and was able to fool everyone, all the way up to the Grand Wizard of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan.


Who has read this book? Anyone see the movie yet??


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