Cross Her Heart – Sarah Pinborough

Happy Monday! Today was my Instagram tour stop so I wanted to keep up and get my review posted today as well 🙂

Thanks to William Morrow and TLC Book Tours for the free advanced copy in exchange for my honest review.

CROSS HER HEART – Sarah Pinborough (out now!)

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My Thoughts: 5/5 stars!

When the cover says that you won’t see it coming, you know it’s going to be an exciting read! I’m a huge fan of Sarah Pinborough and she has become an auto-buy author for me. CROSS HER HEART did not disappoint! As a slight warning, there is some abuse towards children portrayed in the book – but not much.

This one is hard to really talk about because I don’t want to give away anything and spoil it. To fully enjoy this book, all you really need to know is what the synopsis tells you. We follow Lisa and her daughter Ava. Like some parents can be, Lisa seems a little overprotective of her daughter, but with good reason. What secrets is she keeping to herself?

There wasn’t one huge reveal or shock in this one, but rather a couple spread out between the three parts to the book. This one uses one of my favorite common elements in thrillers and that is the multiple POV’s – I’ll always love how this style will slowly answer questions as the book progresses (or sometimes raise more of them!). Overall, this one was a great thriller with some twists and turns thrown in to keep you on your toes. Pinborough books seem to divide readers, so it will be interesting to see what others think of this one!


What’s your favorite book by Sarah Pinborough?


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