Book Mail – Sins As Scarlet by Nicolás Obregón

Another book and another mesmerizing cover!

Thanks to the author and to Minotaur Books for the free advanced copy in exchange for my honest review.

SINS AS SCARLET – Nicolás Obregón (Releasing December 18th, 2018)

This is book two in the Inspector Iwata series – book one being BLUE LIGHT YOKOHAMA.


Here’s the synopsis:

Meredith Nichol was found dead on the lonely train tracks behind Skid Row in Los Angeles. A transgender woman, the police suspect a hate crime. No clues have been left and they have little to go on beyond prejudice and speculation. She’s quickly figured for just another lost soul and a cold case with little hope of ever thawing.

After leaving behind his life in the Tokyo Metropolitan Police and the terrible events which nearly killed him, Inspector Kosuke Iwata has started a new life working as a private investigator in LA. He spends his days spying on unfaithful spouses and searching for missing persons, and his nights with an unavailable woman.

But this uneasy peace is shattered when a voice from his past demands he find Meredith’s killer.

Reluctantly throwing himself back in to the dangerous existence he only just escaped, Iwata discovers a world of corruption, exploitation and murder – and a river of sin flowing through LA’s underbelly, Mexico’s borderlands, and deep within his own past.


Have you read book one?


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