The Stranger Game – Peter Gadol

This is coming to you live from New York! Definitely not as fun when it’s not someone saying it on SNL, but hey, I’m here!

Thanks to Hanover Square Press for the free advanced copy in exchange for my honest review.

THE STRANGER GAME – Peter Gadol (out now!)

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My Thoughts: 3/5 stars!

Who doesn’t love people watching? Let’s be real here, we’ve all had our moments where some stranger catches our eye and you wonder what they do or what their lives are like. Or you completely fabric and guess to match them. I do this frequently when I’m out at Mall of America – one of the best places to people watch.

There are three rules to the stranger game:

  1.  Choose a person at random
  2. No contact
  3. Never follow the same person twice

Seems simple enough, right? Well, Rebecca plays this game and frequently finds herself making exceptions lately. To many, this is a fun game and almost cat-and-mouse to see if you won’t get noticed as you follow someone. To the police it’s glorified stalking and has been causing them a lot of problems.

When Rebecca’s on-again-off-again boyfriend, Ezra, goes missing she dives in headfirst to this game that he created. By finding the original article he wrote about it she is convinced that he is playing this game, which is why he disappeared.

I loved this premise. It’s unique and entirely possible – I’ve done it (without the whole following and stalking part) and I’m sure people have done it when they see me walking around. The minimal dialogue was odd and there were parts where it began to slow down, but didn’t completely lose me. Overall, I would still recommend this to those that find this concept intriguing and I will keep an eye out for more from Gadol.


Come on, who else has done this? With or without the stalking 😉


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